GH₵40 GH₵45

A premium sparkly loose eye pigment with an intense sparkling and shifting effects.

1. MASTOS - Our Chameleon hue dances between pink, violet, blue. It equally carries green and red undertones. Mastos is an explosion of colours, that bursts into a galaxy of tints and tones. Whether dry or wet, Mastos is a splash of beauty for our eye enthusiasts! It is a shimmering blend of colour oozing with excitement. Wow.

2. FOS - As simple as the name you might presume, but Fos is a lot more complex! This deceitful shifter seems white but applies a shimmering pale purple. It spreads magically and will go perfectly with your other eye pigments.

3. HENTIKOS - This Red is so bright is appears white! Henticos is another deceiving damsel. But it packs a punch when applied right. This pigment sits rose on your eye. It is simply admirable. Henticos can be applied wet or dry like all our other pigments to compliment your desired look.

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