How To Do Your Eyebrows With Pencils or Liners

Eyebrows , the one thing you can get into shape without exercising. That's really not true because lots of women spend close to about 20-30 minutes of their precious time  daily creating that perfect brows and sometimes it's catastrophic. 

Today , we're privilege to share 6 easy tricks by the Lagos -based Makeup Artist Mary Jane . She also included some of her favorite products to use. 

Step 1 : Priming

We highly recommend this step . Priming these areas helps to create a perfect base for a long-lasting brows. 

 Step 2 : Outlining the bottom area 


Step 3 : Fill In 


This is done with a light hand to avoid drawing pronounced lines. Use a spoolie brush to spread the product and also get rid of the excess. 


Step 4 : Outlining the top area 

This serves as a guide to avoid any form of brow exaggeration. 

Step 5: Sculpting 


Step 6: Blending 


Some Key Products 

You can get the famous expert brow liner here. 




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