Evita Joseph’s Brush Book Pro Is Coming

Happy New Year our Cherished Customers. We hope you had an awesome holiday filled with fun, love and shopping.

Well guess what? We have been working extremely hard behind the scenes for the last 6 months and it is time to get your new year to bouncy start with our big announcement.

Our new product - The Brush Book Pro, nicknamed BBP is here. It is dope!

BBP is uniquely designed to offer you a nifty way to store all your priceless makeup brushes - not just your favorites from Evita Joseph but ALL your brushes. We have made sure there is enough room for ALL of them whilst keeping cute.

The new Brush Book Pro is for the everyday makeup woman and the makeup Professional. For the Professional, this is a problem-solver. It will help you nicely organize and keep your workstation clean and properly groomed while on set, see all your brushes at a go in a glance, and protect your brushes while on the go - whether traveling or moving in-between gigs.

It is out this week and some early birds are already rocking and enjoying their BBP.

If you can’t wait to get yours, then go ahead and pre-order online at xxxxxxx and get ahead of the game...

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