Must-Have Makeup Brushes For Beginners

"With a good makeup brush, every woman can be an artist ".

If you are a beauty fanatic like me and you have discovered the Evita Joseph Brand just yet you will definitely want to own the complete collection. However I recently received a couple of brushes from Evita Joseph and there was no way I couldn’t share with you which brushes are a must have out of the collection I have used so far.

1. Eye Brow Spoolie

If you have had a hard time getting your brows to stay in one place while you get it drawn out ,your solution is this eyebrow brush right here. The bristles which take a spiral form aren’t too hard on your skin and they lay the brow hair right in place.

2. Face Buffer 

When it comes to the application of foundation I prefer to get my application done with either my fingers or a beauty blender. I am quite skeptical about using brushes to apply my foundation. However , a few brushes have changed my perspective and guess what the Evita Joseph Flat Top Foundation Brush is one of them.

The buffer does not leave any brush strokes on application which is actually great for a foundation brush.

It has full and amazingly soft bristles which you will definitely fall in love with.

Flat Top Foundation Brush | Evita Joseph Makeup Brushes


I start by getting my foundation to my preferred spots on my face,

Then I go ahead to blend the foundation out with my Evita Joseph Face Buffer Brush in gentle circular motions.

It is pretty much easy to use and makes my foundation application process faster than usual.

3. Firm Angle Brush

For a well defined brow shape it is important that the ends of the brows are well sculpted. It is one of the most important steps to take to achieve the well defined look for your brows.

You may be a pro at sculpting but one thing you should pay attention to is the tools you use in your brow sculpting process.

The Firm angled  brush by Evita Joseph is definitely a must have. It is a firm and dense angled brush which makes the sculpting of brows easy to do and it also gives you the results you want and more.

Angled Brow Brush | Evita Joseph Makeup Brushes

4. Precision Concealer Brush

This is a flat and tapered brush concealer brush which works perfectly to aid you in applying cream based or liquid make up.

If you want to correct certain imperfections while applying makeup , this is your go to brush. It works well to apply and blend out your concealer with ease.

It has really soft bristles which means that it is not one that is harsh for your skin.

Flat Concealer Brush | Evita Joseph Makeup Brushes

5. All Over Powder Brush

The All Over Powder Brush works as a setting powder brush .

It is used for powder application and it blends out the powder well once used the right way.

I have also seen a couple of Makeup artists use it in the application of bronzers and highlighters and it works just fine.

The all over powder setting  brush has been voted a must have by many makeup artists and beauty fanatics.

Setting Powder Brush | Evita Joseph Makeup Brushes

These are my five must have brushes from the Evita Joseph collection.

However , these aren’t all the makeup tools and accessories from Evita Joseph Beauty.

Kindly be on the look out for more reviews from the Evita Joseph camp. There is a lot of goodness you should know about.

Which of the EJ brushes have you used ? Did any make it to my list ? What do you think about them ?

SOURCE : Karila Tanlongo



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Love some good Evita Joseph Brushes

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