New Evita Joseph : It's Not Just Makeup Brushes

We can all swear guilty to doing all and everything to make sure our makeup looks on-point.

Some makeup brushes just don’t do enough justice and you find yourself dabbing and smoothening sharp edges with our fingertips, cotton buds- and even tissues !

Good Lord! Never again will you have to go down that taxing road. Not anymore.

Especially now that Evita Joseph’s new  makeup brush releases are here to add and upgrade your makeup tools arsenal.

These makeup brushes will have you spoilt for choice.

There are two face brushes:


Flat Foundation Brush | Evita Joseph


We can comfortable say no makeup is makeup until there's a little foundation on. We feel like creating the most perfect base is the beginning of good makeup and you cannot achieve that with just any tool . 

This flat foundation brush is soft and dense and wouldn't leave any streaks of lines on your face . It is designed to work with liquid , cream and powder products. This flat foundation brush is exceptionally plush and silky, perfect for achieving a medium to buildable coverage finish. 

Flat Concealer Brush | Evita Joseph


 Concealer Brush 

 Don't sleep on a good concealer brush such as the precision concealer brush . This is made of synthetic fine bristles that won't just harm you face . The soft bristles applies and blends out any imperfections with so much ease. The brush is just perfect for building up coverage to conceal any imperfections flawlessly. 

Excited yet? Slow down because that’s not all.

Evita Joseph brings you that with four more eye brushes.

Eyebrow Brush  

Although so basic yet without it your eyebrows won't and can't be groomed . This eyebrow brush is designed with non-toxic synthetic fibres that are firm and can easily be used as a mascara applicator . 


Angled Brow Brush | Evita Joseph


Angled Brow Brush 

If you're a fan of filling in your eyebrows with cream or gel product other than pencil liner  then this brush is for you. It is an angled stiff duo fibre bristles brush - super slim tip which picks just the right amount product allowing you to create that perfect brows with so much ease. It's designed to create precise lines . 


Eye Shader Brush | Evita Joseph


Eye Shader Brush 

 What is makeup without a little eye work . The eyes make all the difference with any look. With the right eye shader brush , you can create endless looks on the eye lid . This  eye shader brush is a small -sized  brush that picks up color and applies rightly on the eyelids while giving you room to blend due to its rounded soft edges. It works well on even small eye lids with any powder-based products. 

Lastly we have the 

Eye Liner Brush | Evita Joseph

 Eye Liner brush

One of the most essential eye brushes you need to own is most definitely a good eye liner brush . This tiny detailed eye liner brush will  make child’s play of that striking wing liner! 

Treat yourself to makeup application with the one most important tool: makeup brushes and let us  leave finger dabbing for our ancestors, haha.

  Get more information on Evita Joseph Brushes here 


The title or this article already had me. And then your content just took me to heaven. You’re definitely one of my favourite makeup brands!

Whitney March 27, 2019

Amazing Content! This was super helpful. I can’t wait to purchase mine. Lovely pictures as well! Keep it coming!!!

Whitney February 28, 2019

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