24 Pcs - Professional Makeup Artist Brush Set

GH₵800 GH₵1,150

Artistry put right at your finger . This is the ultimate professional makeup brush set for the makeup artist just starting out and equally for the pros. 

This collection contains the essential brushes to line, shade, buff, blend, and smoke out the eyes. Both versatile and fully customizable to achieve any look in the blink of any eye.


Collection Includes : 

Brush Book Pro -  to organize your brushes 


  1. Ultimate Face Buffer Brush  
  2. Face Paint 
  3. Powder Brush 
  4. Classic Highlight Brush 
  5. Duo Fan Brush 


  1. Eyebrow Spoolie Brush
  2. Flat Edge Brush 
  3. Firm Angle Brush 
  4. Katty Liner Brush
  5. Detailed Brow Brush
  6. Crease Definer Brush 
  7. Deluxe Crease Brush 
  8. Deluxe Blender Brush 
  9. Classic Shader Brush 
  10. Large Classic Shader Brush 
  11. Classic Crease Brush 
  12. Dome Crease Brush 
  13. Fluffy Blender Brush 
  14. Multi-Buffer Brush 
  15. Dome Blender Brush 
  16. Precision Crease Brush 

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24 Pcs - Professional Makeup Artist Brush Set