GH₵120 GH₵135

Let down the definition to the face

This set has everything you need to create the perfect contour and highlight .

You can say goodbye to beauty sponges 

CB700 Cream Contour  Brush - This precise dome shaped brush will elevate your contouring game. It's your go-to brush for highlight and contour cream textures. We highly recommend using either the G330 Precision Concealer Brush  or the G100 Face Paint Brush  for under eye highlight placement and using the CB700 Cream Contour to blend to perfection. For cream contouring - the CB700 Cream Contour is perfect for placing and blending product without any harsh lines. 

CB710 Powder Contour Brush - The shape of this brush is exceptional . Allowing you to critically place  while blending to set your highlight and contour in place. The bristles are loosely packed thereby ensuring a natural powder finish. 

Love Blushing or Bronzing  -- The CB710 Powder Contour is your go-to . 

CB720 Classic Highlight Brush  - Sweep your sparkles to blind your love ones.


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