10 Women Business Brands We Admire in Ghana

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Entrepreneurship is not for the faint hearted. It's tough, daunting and most of the time, entrepreneurs have to fight against systems that don't work on a daily basis in order to achieve their goals. Women, some say, have it tougher as there is a certain fraction of the society that still holds archaic beliefs and generally withhold opportunities from women. But even in the midst of all these challenges in entrepreneurship and building globally successful and competitive businesses from scratch, there are some women who make this look like a piece of cake. These women have stayed the course, not backing down when faced with challenges and ensuring that their dreams, goals and visions for their businesses are met. 

The following businesses, own and run by women entrepreneurs are businesses that have over the years been consistent, daring, innovative and in front of everybody has proven they deserve a spot on the global map. These are the 10 businesses founded and run by women, that we admire. (Arrangement is in no particular order).



WEAR GHANA is an unconventional fashion company that is focused on achieving world-class standards and global relevance. Their products include: Shirts, Kaftans, Dresses, Jackets, Accessories all made with a unique blend of African prints and other fabrics. WEAR GHANA was founded by Awura Abena Agyeman. She is also the CEO of the company. 

Why do we admire WEAR GHANA?: We admire Wear Ghana because of their goal to make Ghanaian cloths, and textiles fun and comfortable for the everyday Ghanaian to wear everyday of the week and not just friday's and their designs are fashionable too ... that's just a plus.

Brand E

Brand E gives entrepreneurs and businesses an opportunity to have customised paper bags that has their logos and contact numbers whether your business is a bank, hotel / restaurant, supermarket, fashion brand or even a personal brand, Brand E's paper bags are an awesome opportunity for you. Their paper bags provide clients with more brand visibility which translates to more clients. The founder and CEO of Brand E is Henerita Adjetey

Why do we admire Brand E?: We admire Brand E because for starters they are an eco friendly company, saving the earth of all the rubber! And mostly because they are, with their product, gradually helping Ghanaians shift from the rubber culture to paper which will go a long way to help us affect our environment positively.


Atlantic Catering & Logistics Ltd

Atlantic Catering and Logistics Limited is a wholly owned Ghanaian company established in the year 2014 to provide specialized catering service for onshore and offshore operations, camp management, ship and stores supplies, laundry, housekeeping, cleaning janitorial services. The Founder and CEO is Maud Lindsay Gamrat

Why do we admire Atlantic Catering and Logistics Limited?: We admire Atlantic Catering and Logistics Limited because of their consistency in delivery and their quality service. They don't compromise on hygiene and always ensure the best products are used in their catering processes. We also admire them for the consistent growth. From year to year we have been a witness to the value they bring to their clients.


Toddlers' Inn & Victoria Grammar School

The Victoria Grammar School is dedicated to educating children from different backgrounds and cultures; irrespective of race, gender or size; by nurturing and applying their talents, gifts, abilities and character to achieve excellence in their intellectual and personal development. The Founder and Executive Director is Caroline Mills-Hlomador. 

Why do we admire Toddlers' Inn & Victoria Grammar School?: We admire Toddlers' Inn & Victoria Grammar School because of their system of teaching and educating their students and the attention they give each of them all the while, working to make the school one of the best places for children to learn.

Start Right Nutrition

Start Right Nutrition is a company focused on healthy infant and toddler nutrition using organic fruits and ingredients. We enlighten mothers on the joys of feeding their children and how to do it simply at home. The Founder and Executive Director is Vera Osei Bonsu

Why do we admire Start Right Nutrition?: We admire Start Right Nutrition because they have over the shortest possible time, won the hearts of so many mothers who rely on them to provide them with healthy nutritious locally made cereals for their babies. With the few years they have been in existence, they have a recipe book, and a network of over 5,000 mothers.

We Naturals

We Naturals Ghana Limited is one of Africa’s leading natural hair brands providing solutions for all hair needs with affordable quality handmade natural products. The products are carefully formulated for natural hair (kinky, curly, coily), but also work for transitioning and relaxed hair. The Founder and CEO is Dorinda Mawuenya Matey

Why do we admire We Naturals?: We admire We Naturals because of their unique hair products that has worked for so many women across Africa. They came into the industry to provide a solution and enable African women rock their natural hair proudly and they have done extremely well in that department. We also admire the fact that they have built a strong business model that they are extending to so many locations.

Hair Senta

Hair Senta is a hair extension company. We sell human hair textures that match your own natural hair. And also hair related items and accessories. What started on a rather small scale at Abedi Pele, East Legon some five years ago has blossomed into a big hair centre known as The Hair Senta located on the Jungle Avenue at East Legon on the A&C Mall road.The Founder and CEO is Gwyneth Gyimah Addo.

Why do we admire Hair Senta?: We admire Hair Senta for starters they have been in business for over or just around 7 years, and everyone who has started a business knows how difficult it is to do that and for 7 + years? Another thing we admire about Hair Senta is how they have made everything about fun to know and easy to find. They are really revolutionising the human hair and extensions industry.

Evita Joseph

A Ghanaian beauty brand with a unique focus on the woman of color. Since 2015, Evita Joseph have been researching, designing and producing world class beauty and makeup products for the woman of color. Created for the woman of color by a woman of color. We believe beauty and confidence are defining attributes God has given every women and it is Evita Joseph’s mission to enhance them. The Founder and CEO is Evita Joseph Asare

Why do we admire Evita Joseph?: We admire Evita Joseph for their daring approach to redefining the beauty industry. It's refreshing to know a Ghanaian woman can also walk into a shop and ask to buy a Matte Lipstick named Anaji, Talensi or Labone (names of local townships in Ghana). One more thing we love about the Evita Joseph Brand is how they use their products to empower women to be confident.

Marie Noelle’s Spa & Salon

Marie Noelle’s Spa & Salon is a luxury day spa offering a variety of relaxing therapeutic massages, rejuvenating facials, and detoxifying skin care as well as nail care and design treatments. We are committed to creating a superior spa experience while striving to enhance the total well being of our clients through world-class service standards. The Founder and CEO is Marie Noelle Yakubu

Why do we admire Marie Noelle’s Spa & Salon?: We admire Marie Noelle’s Spa & Salon for their consistency in delivery a truly pampering experience. Having been in existence for over 10 years, the company has growth from one level to the next and currently can compete with the world's best.

Black Cotton

Black Cotton reflects the modern non-stuffy salon alternative. The moment you walk through our doors, you enter an atmosphere of total luxury and indulgence. Red carpet treatment, complimentary drink, luxe décor and first class service are all part of the Black Cotton Experience. Our mission is to provide an unparalleled level of excellence in every hair and nail treatment we offer. The Founder and CEO is Emelia Jane

Why do we admire Black Cotton?: We admire Black Cotton for their unique luxury service style. Since their opening ... they have stayed true to what they believe in and their mission to give their clients a totally indulgence, upscale and luxurious experience.

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