Best Eyebrow Brush For Pomades

Eyebrow seems to be the most important feature most individuals and even professionals spend time to perfect during the makeup application process. We often hear statements like , "once the eyebrows are complete , the look is 70% done". I believe you've heard that too . 

This is so because , the eyebrow is one thing that can ruin your entire look if care is not taking. It's that powerful , you know !

Eyebrow Products 

There are also different kinds of eyebrows products . We have pencils or liners , pomades (creams ) , powder  and gels which are like mascara but comes of with a tint of color. 

Eyebrow pencils or liners are simpler to use especially the ones with slim tips and are retractable. They are good for quick fixes and the nature of the slim tip also aids you to draw hair-like strokes without overfilling in the eyebrows. We highly recommend them for beginners. 

Powders on the other hand, are good at adding definition to eyebrows that are already full . They tend to be softer than pencils. 

Using eyebrow pomades  can be intimidating. This is because it can really get messy. 

Pomades are cream in texture , that means you need a brush to apply it . The truth of the matter is that , not every brush can be used for drawing and filling in the eyebrows . The type of brush really makes all the difference. And here is a good one.

Best Eyebrow Brush | Evita Joseph Brushes

What Is it ? 

An angled liner brush  for filling the eyebrows and any other lining stuff. 

How It Feels / Look?

It's a  flat dense angled brush made up of synthetic bristles. The bristles are well cut in shape which ensure precise application of product. The bristles are stiff and very well composed. The firmness of the bristles is just outstanding and one can easily fill in the eyebrows in a stroke-like motion. 

Why We Love It ?

  1. The bristles are wide , flat and stiff making application super precise .

  2. The slim tip picks just the right amount of product for an incredible application .
  3. Works with all kinds of pomades , powders & gels .

  4. It's a multipurpose brush - can be used for any work that requires too much accuracy and precision .

  5. It's well built with a copper ferrule which offers anti-bacterial features to the brush. 

  6. Can easy be cleaned 


Evita Joseph Brushes | Makeup in Ghana


In Conclusion 

We recommend every beauty enthusiast to own this brush in their stash. It's a must have brush for all your lining works. 



These brushes look great and fine, and even better when you use them. 😚

Maaame korkor March 23, 2019

Tried a couple of EJ brushes and they are great they don’t shed and are easy to clean no doubt this will be a great peice in my kit.. Can’t wait to get it…great job Evita Joseph

Dherbybrown_mua March 12, 2019

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