The Flat Top Foundation Brush For Liquid or Cream Foundation

Whether your foundation is low end or high end , cream-based , liquid or powder one thing for sure is essential. 

That is, the perfect foundation brush . Do you know that depending on the coverage you desire , you ought to opt for the right brush? The brushes make really all the difference in finish. 

Not all brushes are designed to handle cream or liquid based products . 

 Let me give you one brush that will blow you mind ! It's going to take your foundation application from zero to hero and the truth is that you don't need to be a professional makeup artist to use this brush. 


Flat Top Foundation Brush | Evita Joseph

What It Is ?

 A medium-sized flat top foundation brush with a duo-fibre synthetic bristles . 

 How It Feels / Looks ?

This vegan  flat top foundation brush  features a velvety mix of soft  synthetic fibre bristles . 

 A silky plush wooden handle made out of wood and coated with environmental friendly lining which is non toxic and long lasting. Well constructed copper ferrule with anti 

This brush features a long handle with a good handle balance during usage. The brush is sturdy and well shaped . The striking rounded heel is something to die for.

 Why We Love It?

This flat top foundation brush is designed to have a big , flat top which makes application of foundation quicker and easier even for the non-professionals. 

The bristles are a mix of soft synthetic bristles that are luxuriously full and dense. The dense nature of the bristles makes application so smooth and flawless , leaving no streaks whatsoever. It's non - scratchy  on the skin . 

It goes around pretty nicely on the face too. 

We recommend dotting foundation wherever you need, then using the brush in small, circular motions to blend out.

For busy moms on the go , it is a must have for all your face makeup needs. 

Have you tried any flat top foundation brush yet ? What's your favorite tool for applying foundation?


It's more like the right brush for the right job . In  a dabbing or tapping  motion with this brush you're on your way to an air-brush foundation finish. You can achieve a medium-to buildable coverage with this brush.

It's your most practical face brush.  


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