5 Matte Luxury Liquid Lipsticks Worth Gifting This Valentine's Day

Mm… We can already smell the roses. The annual celebration of love has arrived: St. Valentine’s Day.

Searching and shopping, you are probably getting the kit to win the date, or stay out late with your girlfriends. We know it gets so overwhelming getting everything on lockdown while stores are being flooded with fellow hunters.

But luckily, Evita Joseph is here to help.

Here are 5 luxury liquid matte lipsticks worth gifting to your sweet one. 


Birimian Rocks 

Evita Joseph Lipstick The jewel for the occasion, Birimian rocks is a cranberry red color .

It wears a subtle shimmer that will definitely turn heads. And since it’s the color for the occasion.

We'll recommend it if you’re feeling quite festive this season.


Evita Joseph Lipstick



Crave the mystery of nude matte lipstick but prefer something darker and bold?

Ducie , named after a small town in the Northern part of Ghana shade is a strong chocolate.

A warm brown shade with a velvet finish that compliments all skin tones most especially melanin skin. 









Ada is rich berry matte lipstick that adds a bit of attitude to your look.

It's an instant mood changer. 

A delicious berry , this eye-catching tone is not too bright so you still enjoy your desired mysterious matte finish!






Evita Joseph lipstick





A soft blend of nude and baby pink.

Our lovely Talensi lets you rock a mysterious look with a dash of femininity.

You’ll be looking like a snack.











A girly peachy-nude shade .

Can we paired with any lip color of choice to create that perfect ombre lip effect. 







    The Liptended is a revolutionary long wearing liquid lipstick with a creamy full coverage matte finish.

    It applies smoothly and feels very comfortable without it drying out your lips completely. 

    Liptended is an absolute must have.

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