The Wrap Slots Are Coming

It is no secret that an astute makeup professional peaks productivity levels when instruments are arranged by color, size, name - okay, maybe that's a tad extreme.

But organization is most definitely key.

Especially when we are performing: we need to know what to get, when to get it and where exactly to get it from.

Our greatest practicing fear has always been shuffling through chunks and chunks of eye liners, and lip liners, and brow liners, and with each item slowly itching closer to the dreaded realization that it is not here; you left it behind.

Or maybe you manage to have everything with you since you take the entire house with you one every single job- but are still guilty of neglecting a certain shade of lip gloss at the base of your bag since you have 9 more just like it.

More is not always best.

What you need is a way to have enough of all that is necessary- without having to stress over your tools.

Put down the dated makeup bags and join the world of makeup maestros.

Instead of frantically shuffling through a cluster of tools suffocating in your not-large-enough makeup bag, take a moment, unwrap, and slide a strategically placed lip liner fastened under a particularly reliable strap in your newly purchased Evita Joseph Wrap Slots.

A simple stretch of Luxury Faux Leather, holding thirty to sixty pencils and small brushes gracefully lined across its length.

And if you're looking for more, the Multipurpose Wrap slots holds tools ranging from lip gloss, mascara, concealers in its 18 slots - four of which are designed to fit larger size 

Your days of rummaging will be over once you equip yourself with the Evita Joseph Wrap Slots !

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This is amazing and interesting, I feel a bit sheepish for misinterpreting it’s use but believe me it won’t stop me from using it to it’s full capacity. Thank you Evita Joseph for always introducing products to better our lives and help us work capably. Keep going, you have our support.

Ama Libra February 04, 2019

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