How to store and organize your makeup brushes | Top 5 Reasons Why You Need To

The Brush Book Pro is an extraordinary snazzy brush holder designed to double as a display stand. It is an absolute must-have for pro make-up artists. There is no two ways about this.

It has an endless list of lovable features but let me just tell you my top 5 reasons for loving the BBP!

#5 It is super easy to clean

When I say easy, I’m not even joking. It was strategically engineered with Luxury Faux Leather which is known for its ability to facilitate cleaning. With a few sprints of any cleansing liquid (like the Evita Joseph Sanitize-it cleansing spray), you’ll have a squeaky clean BBP. Smells new too!

#4 You can slay in your gear.       

I know you’ve dressed up looking all sassy in your weave and fitted jeans- but then your luggage. You grab it and suddenly your outfit game is overshadowed. Thankfully, the chic BBP style is a plus to your look. Black, leather and simple- it’s such a worthy carry-on.



It wears 34 Slots, yet it holds 70 brushes. I can’t in no way imagine life before a BBP. The frustration of ravaging through your pouch almost seems like you’re trying to steal something. No way. I undoubtedly prefer the sectioned and breathable layout of my BrushBookPro.

#2 It actually STANDS.

A makeup artist must prioritize organization, precision and style. Evita Joseph’s BBP was engineered with the ability to sit  on your work station which is highly advantageous to you as an MUA. That is especially if you want to be a recognized pro. You can quickly spot your sorted tool and select it swiftly like a boss.


#1 So I know it stands, that’s amazing. But the reason above all other reasons that has me writing an article on my love for the BBP is that it makes clients cherish their muas.

You might not understand this, but do you know the confidence clients suddenly have in you when you pull out a sleek structure, unbuckle it and mount it on your desk? Jaw dropped, mind-blown, they will just stare and nod. And they will tell everyone about your spot on equipment. Your standard will definitely change.

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