The Best Makeup Brush Belt Is Here

It's hereeee.....

Finally we can let you into our little secret , The Brush Book Pro is here and it's here for you. So here is to a proper introduction. 

When we think of kit organization, one of the million dollar question we get from professional muas is , "how best do I organize my makeup brushes while on the go and mostly while on the job". Makeup brushes are every artist most treasured tools because without them you may not be able to pull off that sultry eye look or that flawless complexion face. But the thing is, it’s good to invest in quality brushes but the most important thing is how to store them while on the go and while at work.

Efficiency and exactness in style – demands of makeup artistry met by The BRUSH BOOK PRO. A nifty way to organize and store all your makeup brushes and tools.


Fully engineered with a luxury faux leather exterior, this professional storage solution accessory promises a new flair of storing your makeup brushes while on the go and at work. The BBP does without the traditional inept zips of the common makeup brush belts, incorporating a more secured closing system made of a Velcro material. This gives you the benefit of proper closing system and swiftness. The BBP although designed to mainly sit on workstation, it can securely be worn around the waist like a traditional brush belt with the help of the adjustable strap .


 The Evita Joseph’s BBP has every makeup beauty enthusiast and professional covered both on a small and large scale. Designed with 34 slots with different slot sizes, you have the capacity to carry up to 70 different brush sizes in the BBP.

 The uniqueness of the BBP is its ability to offer all the traditional makeup belt benefit coupled with its ability to sit upright with all your brushes at one place in a well-coordinated flow of work.  It’s displayed to sit upright and right in front of you while at work.

 The BBP solves not only proper brush organization problems but also it helps professionals keep a more sanitary workspace without leaving their tools lying just around and also helps them to separate dirty brushes from clean brushes.

 This modern holder niftily multitasks with finesse. Serving a pouch, a chic carrier as well as a worktop display, you effortlessly stay on top of your game with its eye catching layout safely sitting on your counter.

 Brush Book Pro for every kit - student , beginner or professional . Go for it and share your successes with us.

Love from The Team 


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