Gritty ,Assertive and Passionate are the top three words that best describe me

Who are You?
I am Tracy Akosua Dartey, founder, creative director & head artist at Paigeclarde. Gritty, assertive, passionate are the top three words that best describe me.


What do you do to keep your cool?

I meditate a lot, stay in solitude in the presence of God. 

What’s your super power?
Adaptability i will say , being adaptable to new trends is my super power. You find a lot of artists doing things the same way and I think you need to be versatile and open minded as an artist.

Did you set out to be a makeup artist?
No, I didn’t set out to become a makeup artist, even though I had a strong art background. I started off as a photo model while in the university and through that I discovered I had an inborn makeup talent.

What got you into makeup and how have you been able to sustain it?
My makeup journey has been very organic. I’ve always had love for makeup growing up. At 7 years old, you’d find at least a lip gloss in my handbag when I’m getting ready for church. I started my makeup journey in my 2nd year in the university. I used to wear makeup to class and I got a lot of complements. I hadn’t trained with any makeup artist or beauty school then. My roommate encouraged me to start it as a business. I started practicing with the products I had, on myself, my friends, then randomly post on my page. then I started to build my kit gradually and it was quite easy for me because, I had friends who were photographers because of the course we studied. So we collaborated often for school projects and gigs and even my lecturers knew I was a makeup artist then.
I’ve been able to sustain it through prayer, the Grace of God, grit, honesty and hard work.

What’s your biggest challenge you’ve experienced in your carrier? How did you overcome it?
Mmm, I’d say my biggest challenge would be staying consistent and becoming financially independent. Entrepreneurship is no joke at all. And with different trends popping up you need to stay abreast to stay relevant and you need to keep investing in your craft to stay at the top.

What’s the biggest highlight of your career? How did you achieve it?
My biggest highlight would be working with some prominent people in Ghana and outside Ghana. I remember sometime last year a lady sent me a dm on Instagram saying she needed my services. Honestly, when I saw the message I thought it was a scam. Then I just typed her name in google. I still couldn’t believe it lol. She is a renowned African journalist at the BBC. The second highlight will be having the opportunity to work a Ghanaian royal family. It felt so surreal.
The third will be having the opportunity to work with the family of a former Ghanaian ambassador to the United States of America.

What’s the earliest accomplishment you had in business that inspired you to know there was so much more?
I don’t think I can place my hand on one. Having the opportunity to make women across the globe feel beautiful and radiant in their own skin is my ultimate accomplishment. It is what I live for. The reactions after every session makes my heart full and this inspires me everyday. Even on days I don’t feel like myself. These lasting memories remind me of why I started this journey

What advise will you give a new business owner/entrepreneur?
Put God first, stay focused, be consistent, think global .Entrepreneurship is not an easy road to travel on. The set backs are many but I believe if you stay focused and not allow the accolades get to you, you’ll definitely be a force to be reckoned with.
Lastly, always give every opportunity your best shot because there’s always someone watching.

Favorite things in your professional makeup kit

My favorites will be eye pigments from Evita Joseph! I’m an avid pigment lover and they’re definitely my faves! The next will be the neutrogena hydro boost water gel. I love how supple it makes the skin feel. 

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