Evita Joseph Brush Shapers

This innovative idea by Evita Joseph will make your brushes thank you! Lol what am I blabbing about? Let’s talk about our investment. Still don’t get me? Here we go:

We all invest so much in quality sets of make up brushes because ‘get the right tool for the right job’ and what not. But most of the time, after buying them, we forget to give our brushes the TLC they deserve. Even though we use these tools on our faces EVERYDAY, we leave them to sit on a bathroom shelf , make up bags or in a vanity jar, with no protection, while other products are carefully stored and covered. How do we take care of our brushes?

Here comes the Evita Joseph Brush shaper to the rescue! What it essentially does is, it stretches and molds to snugly fit the shape and size of any brush!

Basically, keeping the bristles in shape till next usage. How cool is that? All you do is slip them over every brush when it is not in use and it serves as a protective cover, helping to preserve the brush’s original shape and quality.

They’re perfect for travel so you get to keep your brushes safe and intact and covered whether you’re at home or on the go.

I’m here for this. If you are too and care about those expensive brushes you’ve invested in, then get you Evita Brush shapers and let’s keep our investments safe!


Written by Passiboo 

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