7 Evita Joseph Eye Brushes You Must Have For Eye Makeup

If you're just starting out in makeup or you hope to build a perfect eye makeup brush makeup kit then we're going to show 7 must have eye makeup brushes you need in your kit.

Eye Brow Brush 

This spiral brush is used to style eyebrows and correct their shape, as well as separate eyelashes before or after mascara application. This brush can also be used to spread mascara along the length of the lash, and wrap lashes after mascara application. 

Angled Brush 

A firm, dense angled brush for creating unique lining , cut creases and sculpting brows . This is such a versatile brush and it's a must have in your kit. 

Tapered  Blending Brush 

A very fluffy tapered brush that allows you to blend eyeshadow with so much ease. 
This blender is perfect for blending out the transition color and It doubles up as a highlighting brush. 

Crease Definer Brush 

Add depth of color into your crease while blending evenly to avoid any harsh lines. This is a fluffy tapered crease brush perfectly designed to help create stunning transitions effects while shading and blending .

Round Blending Brush 

A round tip brush for perfectly diffusing eyeshadow to create a perfect composition.

Eye Shader / Packer Brush 

This brush is a must have if your want legit eye makeup.This is the most precise soft and dense eyeshadow brush to pick up color onto the eye lids. The rounded shape and flat medium sized natural bristled brush was created to pick up just the right amount of powder eyeshadows.It is ideal for both small and large eyes offering you ultimate control of packing on color unto the eyelids and building up the intensity you desire.


Pencil Brush 

This perfect pencil brush is use to apply color in the crease , inner tear duct and for smudging color below the lash line. It's the most precise crease brush to cut crease. 

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