This African Beauty Brand Lip Gloss Will Keep Your Lips Popping

Here at Evita Joseph , we're switching things up and opening the door for women of color to have great lip experience. We recently launched our lip glosses and is almost becoming a staple in every kit.  

We know how important it is for us women to have a go-to moisturizing gloss for easy application, so this formula has a melted smooth texture that glides on smoothly and moisturizes the lips.

Indulge your lips with our lip gloss which is infused with Vitamin E and B complex that will boost the health and appearance of your lips. 


Let's kick off with one of our favorite shade - KICK OFF - a translucent peachy clear shade with a hint of pearls .

Football fans, pandits and the players do not look forward to the final whistle of a game as much as they look forward to the kick off, of a game. At kick off, everyone that matter is assembled and adrenalin levels are at their peak. Poised for action the players stretch their muscles, they exchange pleasantries with their opponents, hi and hug their teammates, wave their fans in acknowledgement, say their prayers and the entire stadium and world wait for the whistle in between the lips of the referee to go off to kick off the friendly hostilities. Every gaze is on the ball in the middle of the pitch. In much the same way, your world waits in anticipation of you every morning, every day. They can’t wait to see you step into their lives, to be their date, grace the workplace, and to inspire them. Their gaze will be on your lips. The stakes couldn’t be higher and you shouldn’t get it wrong. Kick your day off with our clear peachy sheer gloss on your lips. In football, you get the opportunity to kick off again when you concede a goal. It is an opportunity to restart, to reorganize and to get back into the game. Carry our kick off lip gloss with you everywhere and whenever you feel like resetting your day, getting your swag back on, getting back into your A-game, then get it back on and kick off.

 We love it and we hope you do too. 



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My lips dry out so quickly. I literally gave up on glosses and wore my lips chapped and flaw-filled. Until I used these glosses for the first time. Well DONE! THEY ARE AMAZING. It’s sticky, but not too sticky that you’ll dread wearing a weave. It’s thick but not so thick that your lips feel burdened. It’s thin and oily but not so much so that you’re paranoid about it disappearing in 10 seconds. Like the balance and shades are so perfect 💕💕💕💕

Whitney September 24, 2019

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