How To Apply p48 Star Reflects Sparkly Loose Eye PIgments

P48 Star Reflects are premium sparkle loose eye pigments with an intense sparkling effect that can get a bit overwhelming when using them. They're beautiful, pure , true and admirable. Due to their sophisticated nature ( the thing is loose eye pigments are not  easy to apply because they get everywhere and can really be messing too) it can get a little tricky to get on .

There're several forms of application of these sparkly loose pigment but we love the two most common ones . That's an opaque application - this is where you practically use the loose eye pigment as eyeshadow on the eye lid and as eye toppers - practically layering them over an eyeshadow for the glitz and glam on the eye lid. 

Follow our tips to get the most out of your star reflects. 


Before you begin applying the p48 Star Reflects , be sure to have your brows groomed , crease defined and blended evenly. This will ensure precise application on your eyelids. 


An eyeshadow base or adhesive will ensure that your loose pigments are held in place for a long wear and mostly it doesn't interfere with the color of your pigments. We love eyeshadow base like the J.Cat Glitter Glue and the eye kandy liquid sugar or you can use any adhesive of your choice once the pigments can have something to hang on. For an opaque application , you definitely need to use an adhesive and for a topper you can do a simple base just so that the loose pigments have something to bond with. 


You can either use a flat brush or your finger to apply the loose eye pigments. We find that the finger is really the best tool because , it is able to pick up enough at a time application. However , we also recommend this synthetic flat concealer brush for application . 


With your base ready set , using your finger or brush pick up a little of the loose pigment and gently dab it onto your eye lid. Avoid any back and forth motion . The best form of applying loose pigment is in a dabbing motion. 

These sparkly loose eye pigments are available in five gorgeous shades that will flatter your look for all occasions. 

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