By Blessed Agyemang 

Building a personal image can be daunting. But I believe it’s a process you have to be intentional about it and work on. 

I’m not a branding expert but I try. Today, I have the privilege to share this guest post by Blessed Agyemang .

She shares 7-step on personal image guide for makeup artist.

1. Never forget your scent 

Your clients will never forget how you made them feel – even the sensations you gave their noses- good or bad.

Try as much as possible to shower and brush your teeth before a job if your schedule can allow it or at least carry essentials- a light scented perfumes or deodorant.

This should leave you smelling pleasantly enough for the period you are with your client. 


 2. Mind your bosom

Quite often, our clients have a different eye view and you will be the utmost unprofessional if your girls are in full view or in your clients’ face, male or female.

Make sure your shirts or tops are not so low cut as a revealing cleavage does not speak professionalism and might give room to disrespect and be viewed in a particular light.

 3. Dress with your environment in mind

Where you will be working should influence the clothes you choose…if you are working in the grassland or outdoor, wearing a short dress may not be the most comfortable idea, neither is wearing a denim or leather jacket in a warm or stuffy room with camera lightings and a lot of crew persons any better or ways.

Try as much as possible to be comfortable in what you are wearing because there is nothing worse than doing bad work or waiting for a shoot to be over because you are freezing or burning up or being a feast for mosquitoes and insects.

 4. Avoid Tank Tops

Try as much as possible to avoid tank tops or Shirts that leave your armpits in clear view.

No one wants to see your armpits, dark or far, ingrowth hair and stubs, deodorant flakes, or again, cleavage.

 5. Avoid Sheer Leggings

If these are thick pants that cling, for ease of movement.

That is well acceptable, so is wearing long shirt dresses over them. 

However, rarely do we see leggings that are not see through which is bad enough but especially when you would have to bend over to get something out of your kit.

A client seeing what kind of underwear you are wearing is not professional.

6. Long Dangling Jewelry and Finger rings

Ideally stud earrings or maybe a wedding ring or snug fitting bracelet but for the most part, try to go bare. 

Long necklaces can get caught on your products, client, or working environment.

Rings that have sharp edges can cut or scratch a client and bracelets can do the same thing. It should suck staining prized jewelry.

 7.Always Have Neat Toes and fingers

Now you do not need to do the pedicure and manicure seat all the time but at least keep it in between.

If you don’t go to a nail salon you can definitely groom them at home.

Finger nails should not be too long and must be kept neat and dirt free if kept short.

Keep your feet decent looking as well. This is especially true if you wear open toed shoes.

Another reason this is important is that some homes or locations will ask you to be barefoot.

If you are working in a studio you may have to touch up the model and walk on the photographer’s expensive backdrop which will require you to go barefoot without leaving stains – oh!

You might want to have some calluses off your feet as well.


The Black Dress Code 

Now let me elaborate on the all black dress code.

It’s definitely considered to be the industry standard.

Per our obvious fashion rules, we need to dress somewhat current to what is considered “in”.

It also helps to identify who we are, to onlookers or people who arrive after we have been introduced.

Imagine you are doing makeup for a bride, and people are in and out of the room.

There can be vendors, family or hotel staff coming in and out. All of these people can be connections for you and your business.

You’ll be easy to identify and give a professional appearance.

Just keep it a classic good fitting black or dark hue ensemble, fading or ill-fitting clothes are a no.

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Thanks so much, i needed to read this one more time. enjoy a blessed day

Shireen February 11, 2019

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