6 Candid Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Makeup Sponge aka Beauty Blender

 Hands up if you’re not using this cool beauty tool? You’re not alone.  

 I know how much Mamzy swears by them.

 If you’re new to this blender sponge, today We hope to share with you 6 candid ways to get the most out of them.


 How to Prepare the Sponge

In order to prevent the beauty blender from absorbing lots of your product, it’s recommended you damp the sponge with water – you can place it under running water and use a towel or tissue to squeeze the water out leaving it damp) or spray with your favorite facial mist to make it damp. 

Once you get that done, you’re so ready ready to roll. This process prevents the sponge from absorbing all your products. 


 1. Wash of Color On Eye Lids

 Yes !! eyeshadow – with the tiny minute blender, you can easily create a simple monochromatic eye look without any harsh lines. The blender helps to blend the colors too. 

Use one side of the sponge (the tapered ends works the magic for small lid space) and in a dabbing motion apply your eyeshadow be it loose or pressed.


 2.Eyelid Prepping

Now that everyone loves using concealers as eye bases, the  makeup sponge will help to sheer out the concealer and prepare the eye lid for eyeshadow.

Remember, it’s all about dabbing motion not rubbing.



 3.Flawless Foundation

 This is the most common use with the blender.

I personally love the flat top foundation brush but on occasions where I have tried the blender for foundation, I  really see no difference - like I always get the flawless base with any of the tools.

Feel free to use which ever tool you want just know that you can equally achieve that flawless foundation look with the beauty blender.

The motion again is dabbing not rubbing.


 4.Highlight & Contour Application

 Most definitely, for your highlight game to be iiish you need to get yourself a blender and the minute works so well for this.

I feel like it because of its size and shape, it’s able to go under the eyes perfectly.

Use it also to highlight your bridge of the nose and just anywhere you wish to pop.

The same is for contouring.




 5.Setting or Baking with Powder

 Yes, powder ... although sponge is damp, it’s still perfect to pick just enough powder for baking .

Layer powder in a pressing and dapping motion . 


 6.Touch –Up During the Day

Mind you, the makeup sponge is a personal thing - no sharing here. 

With the residue of  your product  in the sponge , you get to use it to blot out excess oil to help refresh the look without necessarily applying extra products. 


Let's know how best you use these makeup sponges 

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