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They are here; and there are two of them. The Evita Joseph Mini Wrap slots and Maxi Slots are now available for grabs. 

There is a thin line of difference between these two beauties, but a line nonetheless.

The former, being the mini, was engineered to home your many many pencils; whereas the latter is geared up to manage your variety of bigger tools; mascara, primers, concealers- and liptended matte lip glosses. It holds anything that fits!

Put it to the test. You’re probably wondering why we are so sure; well…


 The mini wrap slots have quite the resume:

  • A 30-60 holding capacity
  • Firm fitting stretchy straps
  • Four smaller slots
  • Handy ropes
  • Luxury faux leather


Similarly, the EJ Maxi Wrap Slots qualify exceedingly for the task with:

  • A 18-22 holding capacity
  • Wider fit elastic straps
  • Four larger sized slots
  • Luxury faux leather
  • Handy ropes

Evita Joseph is especially proud of the durability promised by the Luxury Faux Leather.

Not only is it notable for its longevity, but also for the fact that it leans almost effortlessly.


We are so excited about bringing this to you. With its handy ropes to seal and hang up for display, you will helplessly fall in love with these Wrap Slots.

Only because I’m curious, I must ask: which one are you getting?

Let us know, by leaving a comment below.

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OMG! This is a must-have! I want bothh lool

Whitney February 07, 2019

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